Want To Know What It Takes To Prove A Slander? Here Is The Answer!

Do you remember those days when newspaper used to be our only source of information about what’s happening across the globe? With the increase in the number of blogs, free publications and social media platforms, we certainly have more information today.

Accessing any piece of news isn’t difficult anymore and we are no more required to wait for almost 24 hours to get another newspaper in our hands to read the news. However, with the increasing number of online publications, people do not bother to check if the information published is legit or not.

This is the reason why cyber defamation is increasing day by day. Cyber defamation refers to the false statement being published or spoken by people about the businesses. Certainly, businesses suffer greatly due to it.  Defamatory statements are mostly of two types:

  1. Libel Statement – These are false statements written by publications or individuals on blogs, social media sites etc.
  2. Slander Statement – These are the oral defamatory statements that occur when defamatory statement is audible through broadcast or podcast.

How do you know if a statement is defamatory or not?

This is one very important aspect of cyber defamation. Businesses should first prove that the statement is defamatory in nature. The life of such statements is comparatively longer. On the other side, how to prove slander is one question that’s difficult to answer. Audible statements do not have longer life unlike published ones. So, in such cases it’s best to seek help from professionals.

Elements of slander statements:

You must know about the basics of slander statements before you seek professional help. Here are few of the examples of slander:

  1. An oral statement that claims that business was involved in a serious felony
  2. A statement that exposes a business to ridicule
  3. A statement that reflects negative aspects of business’s character or integrity
  4. A statement that claims that an applicant or business suffer from physical defect

While filing the lawsuit for such defamatory statements, you will be first asked by the court to prove if the statement is defamatory. These examples would help you in understanding if the statement is defamatory.

What’s next?

Once you have understood or prove to the court that the statement by defendant is false, few other things will follow up. You will have to give details about the publications. This includes information like how credible the publication is, since how long it has been running etc. Another detail that you would be required to present to the court is “proper meaning of the statement.” i.e. what does the defendant plan to prove though such statements?

Filing lawsuit and then going though these court procedures could be very tiring. Therefore, it’s always advisable to hire professionals, who have been dealing with cyber defamation cases and are experienced in the field. These professionals aren’t too expensive to afford and can save you a lot of time and effort.

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