Top 5 Things to Check before Hiring a Sexual Assault Lawyer for your Defense

There are many cases of people who rushed into finding an attorney when they were accused of a major crime, and their haste backfired on them. When you have gone through a few weeks of your trial preparation, you will hardly feel comfortable changing attorneys. That is why it is so important to find the right lawyer at the start, especially if you are being accused of committing sexual assault. This is a serious matter, and you need a top attorney.

  1. Are They Licensed?

The first check is to ensure that you are dealing with a licensed attorney in the state. Being licensed is a sign of legitimacy for attorneys, and it is a deal breaker when it comes to choosing one.

  1. Do They Practice in Your State?

There are so many great attorneys and law firms in the United States. But it always makes sense to hire a firm that has experience in your state. For instance, Rosenthal & Wadas, PLLC is one of the top firms for criminal defense cases in Collin County, Texas. If you are accused of rape or sexual assault, whether it is from a stranger or someone you know, these attorneys will help you with your case. They are committed to getting a favorable outcome for their clients.

  1. Do They Take on Sexual Assault Defense Cases?

You will have a choice between many attorneys that work in the criminal defense field. But some attorneys may only deal with robbery, assault or other similar types of crimes. You may think that all of these cases are about the same, but it is not true. The intricacies involved in a sexual assault trial are very different than other crimes. That is why you need an attorney or a firm that has a history of helping others in dealing with such charges.

  1. What is their Percentage of Going to Trial and Winning?

It is not hard to find statistics about law firms when you are on the internet. It is a good idea to get a look at how many cases this firm takes to trial, as a percentage. You will also want to try and find statistics about how many cases they win or settle favorably. You may also want to check online reviews or make calls to co-workers in the area to see if anyone has an opinion on the firm you are about to select.

  1. Do They Have Time for Your Case?

Sometimes the best lawyers are also the busiest. Yes, you want to get a top attorney on your case, but you want one who is present and available to help you. When being charged with sexual assault, you cannot afford to have an attorney who is juggling too many cases at the same time. You will want a lawyer who will answer your calls during the day and evening and will be involved with your case in a very personal way. It is the only way that you will get out of this situation unscathed.

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