Things You Shouldn’t Do if You’re Trying to Win Custody

Your children are your world and you would do whatever you can for them. For this reason, you believe you’re the better parent to have custody. Depending on where you live and how far the other parent lives, you may end up with shared time-sharing, which means a 50-50 split. However, if it’s found that this isn’t in the best interests of the child, then one of you will get majority of the time-sharing. You can increase your chances of being the majority parent by following these tips.

Don’t Degrade the Other Parent in Front of the Child

Divorces are almost always messy, but this doesn’t mean you can have a meltdown in front of your children. Make sure that you’re not disparaging the other parent in front of them. If the court finds out about this, then your chances of being the majority parent are diminished (unless the other parent is worse, i.e. a drug addict, criminal or abuser).

Don’t Skip Out On Child Support

If you have a child support order in place, make sure you’re up-to-date with the payments. If you’re not helping to care for your children, this will leave a bad taste in the judge’s mouth. It also makes it seem like you wouldn’t provide for your children if they were living with you majority of the time. Make a good impression by helping with the children’s expenses, whether you have a court order or not. If you have money to buy yourself nice clothes from Kate Spade, then you should have money to spend on your children.

Don’t Ignore the Other Parent or Be Hostile

It’s important that you be professional with your ex for the sake of the children. If you are the one who isn’t cooperating, then the judge will believe you aren’t going to foster a good relationship between the other parent and the children. This is very important to the family court. If needed, you can use software to communicate with the other parent about the children’s schedule, education and doctor appointments.

Don’t Stop Seeing Your Children

Make sure you are seeing your children as frequently as possible. If you live locally, you should try to see them every other weekend and on school holidays. If the other parent is preventing you from seeing your children, then you need to get a temporary order in place that will allow it. The more involved you are with your kids, the easier it will be to show your close relationship with the children.

Don’t Alienate Your Children

There are different ways you can intentionally and unintentionally alienate your children from the other parent. This can be done by exposing them to details of the case, disparaging the other parent in front of them and allowing others to do it, not allowing them to see the other parent, making them feel guilty about spending time with the other parent and so on.

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